I did something. I chased my dreams, went out of my comfort zone, and made this a reality. I wanted to be able to give my clients more. Wanted them to still be able to have those lifestyle sessions without the stress and worry of having to have the house in tip-top shape. A space that I could use rain or shine. A place to gather and celebrate, with new friends and old. An area that can offer so much more than just a place to take pretty pictures.

If you haven't caught on by now, I have built a studio. An all white natural light studio. My dream come true. I went into creating this space knowing I wanted it to be so much more than studio. I wanted it to be a place that I could host, teach, meet with clients, or just hang out. Heck, I can have a roller skate party in here if I want (which kind of sounds like a great idea now).

I seriously want each and every one of you to come see my studio. My studio! Whew. That still sounds so weird to say, but so darn exciting! On Saturday, May 6th, 10am - 4pm, I will be having an OPEN HOUSE. Please stop by and see the studio with your own eyes. You are all invited. There will be some tasty treats throughout the day and lots of door prizes. I may be even offering some discounts that you can't refuse! So stop by and say hello! Come see what I've created for us all.

studio frame
inside studio
ladder in studio
studio side view
studio front view

Did you really think I would include pictures of the finished product? ;) You'll have to make an appearance on May 6th to see the completed version. You're going to love it!!! See you soon.