Oh my goodness. This session. So it's fairly obvious that I don't shoot seniors, but on the rare occasion I take on the few requests I get. Making the individual and the session even more special to me. This session blew my mind. It was a breath of fresh air and awakened something deep in my soul. I am ever so grateful that Haven and her mom approached me after church a few weeks back about taking these pictures. 

If you have ever met Haven, you know two things. She is funny and she is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful inside and out. Haven has this spirit about her that just makes you like her instantly. She witty and smart - and if there is anything I like more about funny people, it's smart funny people. My little family has had the privilege of knowing Haven and her family for a few years now. They started coming to our small-town church and we have loved having them ever since. Haven (and her brother) fits in perfectly with our youth. And as you can only imagine, all the little boys, mine leading the pack, are all heart eyes over her. 

Make sure to look through all the images, there is a little surprise at the end for you. 


As many of you know my sister, Caitlin, has been working with me for a while. You may remember the new logo I launched this year, she designed it! This year was the first that our schedules aligned and allowed us to work side by side on many projects, weddings, and the occasional senior. While I've hired her to be my assistant photographer, she usually ends up with quite a bit of video coverage and I can't say that I mind. It's fun to watch her find her passions and develop those into a career path. Currently Caitlin is working with WKDZ in Cadiz. Where she gets the opportunity to cover stories throughout the WKDZ area, while also documenting them through video and photography.

"I enjoy the radio because it is full circle coverage of people's lives. I'm passionate about capturing peoples stories, their lives. It's a neat process." says Caitlin. 

While Caitlin plans to create her own brand once she has graduated from Murray this Spring and start shooting video professionally, I'm excited to announce that we will be offering her services as an add-on to all wedding packages and portrait sessions in the meantime. We're both so excited to have the chance to work along side on another. And I cannot wait to see where this takes my sister.