Y'all I am Ashton Oakes Dawson.

I married my husband John in 2011. Together we have two rough and tumble, handsome boys. We are farmers in Kentucky. Which works out in my benefit seeing as how I use some of the best locations for my sessions. The light is absolutely dreamy on the farm. I am a wedding and portrait photographer. When I'm not chasing the light, you can find me in my newly built natural light studio. I love getting to surround myself with the sweetest couples and most adorable families. Being able to tell your authentic story while creating timeless images is the biggest privilege I could ever imagine. I am forever grateful for those who have trusted me with these moments. 

More random tidbits about myself

  • small town girl - but just an hour outside of Nashville TN
  • favorite color is green
  • love all white spaces
  • have an obsession for all modern things, but would say my style is more transitional
  • my spirit animal is a cow
  • known for my wild curls, that have made themselves at home in a permanent messy bun
  • oddly I don't enjoy country music and you'll rarely catch me wearing cowboy boots
  • fresh veggies out of the garden are the best
  • steak is my meal of choice 
  • snow days are my jam - I'll become the biggest kid when it turns white outside
  • my boys and I turn into fish from May to Sept - living in the pool all hours of the day
  • my favorite smells are: freshly plowed dirt, the first cut of hay in the Spring, and fired tobacco in the Fall
  • always looking for an excuse to take a road trip - hello, I'm for hire anywhere!
  • have a huge love for Jesus. I am amazed by and thankful for all of God's gifts! And most of all His outpouring of never ending, never judging Grace.

Photo by Beth Stafford

                                                                                                                          photo by Beth Staffor